An all-in-one proactive health program to transform your health and change your life.

Longevity Accelerator is a 4 month program designed to give you everything you need to go from zero to one in your longevity journey, tackle the four main causes of aging, and transform your health & longevity.

We help you slow aging, prevent disease, eliminate toxins, and set up a default healthy environment.

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Who it's for

Longevity Accelerator is for you if you’re a founder, entrepreneur, investor, or knowledge worker with a busy work schedule that puts your health on the back burner. If this is you, you’re probably at greater risk of the four main causes of aging (metabolic dysfunction, heart disease, neurodegenerative disease & cancer) and struggling with:

  • Finding enough time in the day to eat healthy, workout, get enough sleep etc.
  • Running your business let alone finding the time to understand what environmental toxins are present within your home and how to eliminate them.
  • You have health goals that you want to hit but work always seems to get in the way.
  • Keeping up with the demands of your busy life while prioritizing your long-term health.
  • Shiny object syndrome hopping from one fad diet or exercise regime to the next.
  • Developing healthy, sustainable lifestyle practices that you stick with for life.
  • Understanding how to eliminate environmental toxins to cultivate a default healthy home environment.

What members are saying

How it works

Longevity Accelerator is a 4 month proactive health coaching program that gives you everything you need to achieve your health transformation:

  • Custom plan: 1on1 onboarding session to learn about your goals, craft your longevity risk assessment and map out your plan for the year.
  • Baseline testing: after your onboarding session we'll send a concierge health professional to your door to complete an advanced longevity blood panel and DEXA scan. We'll also mail you an easy to use epigenetic age test, CGM and any wearable tech we think will help. We use this data to gather a complete view of what’s happening inside your body and uncover exactly what your mind and body need to thrive.
  • Full health assessment for your home: we conduct a FaceTime walkthrough of your home to remove modern day environmental toxins that are killing you and causing evolutionary mismatch.
  • Mold testing: we send you an at home mold testing kit to measure mold, mycotoxins and more.
  • 2x blood testing: get two advanced longevity blood panels measuring important biomarkers to see if you're on the track. We iterate your protocol based off these insights.
  • 2x DEXA scan: providing us with an in-depth analysis of your fat tissue, lean mass, and bone density.
  • 2x biological age test: showcasing how old you really are biochemically vs chronologically.
  • 2x V02 max testing: cardiorespiratory fitness is a key indicator of longevity. We test your V02 max to see how you're doing and map to functional movements you want to in your 80s+ i.e. walk your dog, lift a child etc.
  • Health executive assistant: to take the administrative health tasks off your plate, ensure you stay on top of your health and never miss an important item. Schedule regular calls where you can ask questions live.
  • Monthly supplements: we send you top of the line supplements (i.e. Thorne) to improve specific biomarkers identified in your bloodwork. Yes the cost is included in your membership.
  • Accountability: regular check-in calls to hold you accountable.
  • Events: first dibs access to exclusive in person blood party's, bootcamps, masterminds, and events.
  • Priority support: get 24/7 support via text and email or schedule a call with your health coach.
  • Insider perks: exclusive offers from top health products like Galleri, Prenuvo, InsideTracker, and more.

How to get started

If you’re an entrepreneur, investor, or knowledge worker with a busy work schedule that puts your health on the back burner and you’re interested in finally achieving your health transformation:

Join the waitlist here and somebody from our team will schedule a meeting with you to learn more about you and see if the Longevity Accelerator program is a good fit for you. It's priced at $9,000 for the program with payment plans available.

You should be able to achieve a significant ROI from the program. We believe in the program so much that we will work with you for free until you hit your goal.

If you have any questions please email: