About Ageless

At Ageless, we want to give every human 10 additional years of healthy, vigorous life.

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Who we help

We help busy entrepreneurs, investors, and knowledge workers. Our customers are typically high achievers that put their health on the back burner in the pursuit of wealth. We want to give every customer (and eventually every human) 10 additional years of healthy, vigorous life.

What we do

We help our members eliminate harmful modern day environmental toxins that plague our homes and target the four main causes of aging or what Peter Attia calls 'the four horsemen': metabolic dysfunction, ASCVD, neurodegenerative disease, and cancer, which make up over 80% of deaths in people over 50 who do not smoke.


Well, the U.S. spent $4 Trillion on healthcare in 2023. It’s the single largest line item making up 20% of GDP – and growing. We spend more on healthcare than the total annual expenses of every other country on earth, except China.

And it gets worse. Our return on $4 trillion results in worse health outcomes. We are among the highest in death rates for treatable conditions. We have the highest rate of people with multiple metabolic and chronic conditions. One in five Americans hasn’t seen a doctor in 5 years or more, we’re obese, overly stressed, suffer with our mental health, our water is toxic, our food is coated in glyphosate, there’s PFAs in nearly everything, and Big Pharma has funded it all to sell you legal drugs that don’t tackle the root cause of the issue.Healthcare has misaligned incentives from patient, payor, and provider. Insurers typically pay a certain amount for various treatments on a fee-for-service model so providers are incentivized to perform as many services as possible. The system ends up spending most of the money when it’s too late – when people have already gotten chronic conditions or have ended up in the hospital.

This has become a national crisis. We need to fix the complacency with the current state of healthcare — the health of our country literally depends on it.

Poor engagement, which is caused by poor consumer experience, is one of the biggest problems in healthcare. UnitedHealth Group, is the largest healthcare company in the world and has an NPS of 4 – out of 100. Only 40 to 50% of patients who are prescribed medications for management of chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension adhere to their medication, causing 100,000 annual deaths and $100 billion in preventable medical costs each year. Existing players are corrupt and at best negligent in missing the opportunity that could come from building a better experience for consumers that would engage them in their care.

If we reflect back to the early days of Uber, it was truly a magical experience. You pressed a button on your phone, and magically a car appeared and took you to your destination. At arrival, you just got out without having to worry about payment. It just happened.

Health should be the same way. We shouldn't even know it exists — it's just magic. Somehow, in the water we drink, in the food we eat, in the habits we have and in our surrounding environment, we just maintain perfect health. This should become the default and you quickly forget that you ever had to strive for optimal health and wellness.

At Ageless, we want to bring that default magical experience to you. That Chesky-esque 10 star experience.

The tools and tactics may change but the goal of helping our members transform their health will always remain.

We aim to maximize healthspan, lifespan, happiness, and quality of life; and minimize time, complexity, costs, and stress.

Our Values

We love what we do. We work our asses off. We practice what we preach. And we never skip dessert.
If you're the best at what you do and you resonate with our values reach out to join our small, growing team.

  • 1. Speed matters - it's important to do things fast and to a high standard.
  • 2. Small teams win - smaller teams are better and more productive. Most tech companies are 2-5x overstaffed.
  • 3. Customer obsession - the customer comes first at all times. What's best for the customer is what's best for everyone.
    4. Mamba mentality - If you're an ambitious person you need to work. Its almost like a medical condition. You love winning, hate losing, and are the type of person people are proud to associate with.
    5. Captain your titanic - you can't turn a ship the size of the titanic around on a dime, you need to do it miles away. We all have icebergs in the distance. We don't have a secret formula to living longer but we do act as a navigator to ensure our clients don't hit an iceberg prematurely.
  • 6. Inputs > outputs - if we show up everyday and do the things that matter, results will come over time. Enjoy the process, not the end result.
  • 7. Compound growth - we know we can't start saving for retirement at 60, so why would start thinking about our health only when we're in the final stages of it.
  • 8. Eat the complexity - whoever provides the most value to the customer wins. Complexity can be faced by you or your customer. We do the grunt work for our customers to make it easy for them to win.  
    9. Lean, frugal & laser focused - keep the main thing the main thing. Constraints breed resourcefulness. Do more with less and don't lose sight of the ultimate objective.
    10. Take ownership - Think of yourself as an owner because you are. Every action you take reflects on the company in some way. Act as an owner and avoid taking the easy road.

Our Story

Part 1. Sacrificing health in the pursuit of wealth

It all started back in 2017-2019 when I (Skylor) was relentlessly trying to build the next Silicon Valley unicorn while simultaneously running a consulting business to pay the bills. Nobody would hire 18 year old Skylor so I created Swanson Carlyle, a semi-fictitious management consulting firm that could garner clients. I was back and forth between Waterloo and SF trying to build my startup and fulfill all the client work. However, I was only one human that was unaware of labor leverage that had 3-4 consulting gigs on the go at one time; each required 4-8 hours of work per day. After a couple years of poor life hygiene (high stress, near zero exercise, a diet of convenience, and 3-4 hours of sleep per night), I was at the grocery store grabbing a quick 10pm dinner when I nearly dropped dead with a sudden heart attack. Thankfully a hospital was just down the street where they saved my life. As you can imagine, my first message upon waking was not to my family but to my clients.

Part 2. Trading wealth to reclaim my health

I spent the next few months in and out of the hospital trying to reclaim my health. Once my heart was stable, I spent the better part of the next year traveling around the world in the pursuit of health tactics that would give me the confidence that my heart wouldn't suddenly fail me again. I tried all the fad diets from keto to vegan to carnivore, I tried all the latest and greatest health supplements popularized by health podcasters and influencers, I tried every fancy exercise regime I could get my hands on; I saw every doctor under the sun from the best cardiologists money could buy, to traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, to naturopathic doctors, to functional medical doctors, to an 'intuitive medical psychic'. I even spent a month as a monk. I was desperate to regain the confidence in my heart and finally get my health back. Even with this desperation I would still regularly succumb to eating ultra processed unhealthy junk foods. Like a drug addict, I was a junkie.

Part 3. Discovering the field of longevity

It wasn't until I started working with a Functional Medicine Doctor who introduced me to Dr. Peter Attia where I started to really regain my confidence and reclaim my health. I binge watched every single Peter Attia video I could get my hands on and paid a pretty penny to get inside look at what being a client is like inside of his medical practice. I finally understood that true health had nothing to do with one fad vs another but rather identifying personal risk factors and building sustainable lifestyle habits that you can stick with for life.

Part 4. Health bootcamp

In an attempt to try to solve the health problem for others, I launched 'Ownership', a David Goggins-esque health bootcamp aiming to give founders the kick in the butt they need to start prioritizing their health. I used my network and a friends newsletter to get 5-10 people a month to come to a luxury AirBnb for a weekend of biohacking. During that weekend, we'd get a chef to cook healthy meals, get a phlebotomist to come draw our blood, and hire an ex UFC fighter or Navy SEAL to kick our ass. While the healthy food and blood party aspect of this was fun, I quickly found out that the 'Hell Weekend' bootcamp idea sounds great in theory but the actual reality of it does not have product market fit amongst Silicon Valley knowledge workers lol.

Part 5. Finding Ageless

Charlie Munger says, "produce what you would want to buy on the other end." I took that to heart and focused less on prescriptive tactics and more on the core mindsets, principles, and daily habits required to hit your health and longevity goals. We're now laser focused on helping busy entrepreneurs, investors, and knowledge workers unlock the science and art of longevity by eliminating harmful modern day environmental toxins and targeting the four main causes of aging. Ageless customers look similar to me from a few years ago, high achievers (often a lot moreso than I) that put their health on the back burner in the pursuit of wealth. We want to give these high achievers 10 additional years of healthy, vigorous life. Not to mention the mental clarity and increased energy that will help them to better make a dent in the world.

Our Team

We run a cross functional team of four people.

Sam Ovens in Quantum Mastermind
Customer Experience

Contacting Us

The best way to contact us is via email - support@ageless.so

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